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Hello and welcome to my wedding photography homepage, It makes me happy to see you here.

I am a Spanish photographer living in Germany since the early 90s... yes, I know what you think... what the hell are you doing in the cold Germany?... well, love is the answer.

I could write a lot about me but I do prefer to write about you, the bride or may be even the groom, yes believe me, they also help sometimes with the search for the wedding photographers.
If you are here reading this brick, the chances are good that you are looking for a Photographer in Europe o somewhere else in the world. Luckily, what I have to offer you can see it in this homepage: a lot of unforgettable emotions, laughter and tears, joy, happiness and sometimes some sadness...

I offer you to keep the memories of your wedding forever.

Just have a look to my work. If you like what you see just contact me and tell me about you and your wedding, it would be a honor to talk to you about it and listen what you have to tell me about how everything is going to be.

My mother language is Spanish but I have a good speaking level in English and German, it is good enough to understand standard English... to understand some people from Texas or Scotland I could have some problems, but let's be honest, who doesn't?

My specialty are the weddings in Spain and central Europe.

I would be very happy to hear from you.
Thanks for your time

David Anton

Ich spreche Deutsch - I speak english - Hablo español

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I'll be glad about your message.

I speak english, spanish and german.

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If you preffer to contact me per telefon, just call.
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I speak english, spanish and german.

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